Interesting Facts About Golf

Good to know facts on golf

The history of golf is a much debated topic because most of the people are unaware of the origin of golf. The modern golf game originated in Scotland in the 15th Century since then many golf clubs were established for playing as well as for training. It is a ball and club game where the players in his chance hit the ball with his club on a course into a number of holes designed to form a series. It does not require any standardized or heavily decorated playing area. There are few common terms which are used while playing golf, like any other sort. Let us have a look at those terms.

Ace- This term is used for a score of one in a hole

Albatross- The term is also indicated as double eagle where a score of three under is given for a hole.

Back nine- This refers to the last countable 9 holes out of the total 18 holes over a pitch. The champions of golf usually take a stroke for the back nine.

Ballooning- The term used when there is excessive lifting of a ball for a shot which is beyond its normal position or trajectory.

Blind shot- This is a kind of shot where the positioned landing area is not viewable from the perspective of the gold player taking the shot.

Condor- The term is used for a score of 4 under par in a hole.

DQ- the term signifies disqualification for violation of rules of the sport.

Ham and egg- This is something funny to hear but it is used by the players on a team for complimenting each other.

How are scores kept in golf?

For counting scores the player take a whack at the white golf ball and hit a stroke and counts them for the entire round. At the end summing up each stroke score will let you get the golf score.  Hitting each stroke requires good posture and the alignment of the entire body. Apart from posture and alignment, concentration is must over the tee and the ball.  For a complete training guide you need experience instructor for teaching you lessons on each types of strokes and how to score on each hit. You may also find more video learning sessions on where you will find seasoned golfer who would teach you striking and scoring lessons as well as the in- depth playing instruction. Here you would also get what are the dos and don’ts that a golf player should kept in mind before getting on the pitch to take a strike.  Thus, the more you get in –depth of the sport, the more you will be able to focus and increase your chance to get through desired level of the sport.

Taking out some time for learning the rules and etiquettes of golf is equally important which must be included in the learning session before learning to hit the ball and take a strike.

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