Nfl Predictions: Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers had an excellent 2015 season where they made it all the way to the Super Bowl to be stopped in their tracks by the Broncos. The team still retains Cam Newton and an effective team that should bring both powerful defense and a highly capable offense to the table, but it’s tough to say if the franchise is going to be quite as strong as it was in 2015, because it’s losing out on Josh Norman

Josh Norman

Josh Norman was demanding more money than the Panthers were willing to put out there, and it’s likely because he was one of the biggest playmakers in 2015. By losing Norman the Panthers lost some real defensive potential, but they aren’t falling apart by any means.


The Panthers Will Take the NFC South Division Title Once Again

Even though Josh Norman must be replaced by someone else, there are some cornerbacks that can come in and pick up the slack left by his exit. The Falcons, Buccaneers and the Saints have all upped their game for the upcoming season, but with a powerful lineup still at the Panther’s disposal, experts fully expect them to come out ahead of everyone else once again.

The Panthers will Snag the Super Bowl Title

The Panthers look to be one of the very best teams this year, and their rock solid lineup is going to be worth some NFL betting throughout the season. Their loss in the 2016 Super Bowl was infuriating, but it’s not something that’s likely to occur once again. They want it even more now and Cam Newton is going to perform just as well this year as he did throughout the last season, making it very possible for the Panthers to take the championship spot this time around.

Of course, none of these NFL predictions are guaranteed, but it’s hard to argue against the Panthers having a really good shot at steamrolling through many of the teams in the NFL and putting up a really solid fight for Super Bowl 51. Be sure to check out all of the expert tips has to offer this NFL Season.

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