Phenazepam Side Effects

There are different types of research chemicals and they are having use in a huge variety of application. Phenazepam is also known as Bonsai, Fenazepam and comes in the category of depressant. It is a powerful benzodiazepine and is a drug that is used a tranquilizers. This is due to the reason that it relieves tension and also aids users in feeling relaxed and calm. This drug is also reported to be five times stronger than valium a popular tranquillizer. So overdose of the drug must be avoided. This drug is not legal in United Kingdom as a medicine. In Russia this drug is used to treat neurological disorders and to also treat epilepsy. Previously Bonsai was also sold as fake valium and legal high.

What it looks like and how it is taken

Bonsai is available in pill form or in liquid form. The cost of the drug is between eighteen Euros to twenty Euros for one gm powered. The liquid bottle is sold for twelve point fifty Euros for twenty ml bottle. It is directly swallowed and it is also used as a chill out drug by many teenagers and young adults.  In some of the countries its use is banned.



This drug is very powerful and has sedative effect, it can relive anxiety and tension and by using this drug users feel relaxed and calm. It can also cause drowsiness, dizziness, coordination loss.  Overdose of this drug can lead people sleep for a very long time, forgetfulness and sometimes even coma.

The drug is having both short-term as well as long term risks.  Overdose of this drug can lead to death of a person.  Long term use of the phenazepam can lead to addictions. Some of the regular users take high dose to get the hit that they used to get in the beginning. But this can lead to overdose. If you have developed tolerance then it is likely that you take increased dose. This will lead to difficult withdrawal symptoms which are very hard to live with.  It is only recommended to the people suffering from medical issues.

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