Who Are the Nfl Sending to London in 2019?

The NFL has long been branching out into countries other than the USA. It is part of itsaim to make football a sport that can compete with soccer in terms of global audience. That is part of the reason that the NFL are playing four games in London in 2019. If they can crack the British market then it will go a long way inshowing that the NFL is a viable product for the rest of the world. So which teams are playing in London in 2019?

Two games at Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur, or Spurs, have recently built a state of the art stadium. It is an incredible piece of architecture that cost well in excess of $1 billion. Because of the standard of their stadium, Spurs have been awarded two NFL games to be played in October of 2019. Most NJ Online Sportsbooks predicted that this would happen last year, mainly because the stadium is so impressive but also because it will help Spurs to pay off the debt they took on to build the stadium. The games that will be played are Chicago Bears at Oakland Raiders and Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Two games at Wembley

There is very little that can be said about Wembley. It is an iconic stadium that will always have prestige on the world stage. As such, Wembley has been given two games,one in October and one in November. They are the Cincinnati Bengals at Los Angeles Rams and Houston Texans at Jacksonville Jaguars.

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